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(Photographed by "Magic Owen") ...a fabulously voluptuous 'plus-sized' model in Britain, who likes tight dresses and corsetry; here she appears corseted tighter than ever before, with a waist practically the size of her neck.

And yet, it's not little-rich-girl victimhood but a subversive sense of fun that has cut like a light-beam through the brewing line of Guinness women. The libations of Guinness literature that keep coming mean we know more about this clambering dynasty than we do about our own extended families.

We know about the vision and acumen of Guinness businessmen, their political achievements, their public works, their patronage of the arts.

Masquerade suits Daphne's insatiable sartorial appetite, but also her fear of the world.'Being in disguise, assuming another role, hiding behind a costume, is so easy.Being oneself, now that's always a little more tricky,' she said The old song goes: "I went to a marvellous party. Maureen disappeared and came back in a beard and we all had to guess at her name. " It was the 1930s, and Noel Coward was making impish repartee about Maureen Guinness, the middle of the three 'golden Guinness girls' whose parties were as wicked and bizarre as their looks were angelic. "The sisters are all witches," said the director John Huston. They are all transparent-skinned, with pale hair and light-blue eyes." The golden (or fabulous, or glamorous, or glorious – take your pick) Guinness girls had it all: beauty, great fortune and a talent for throwing outlandish parties. Guinnesses have had mishaps proportionate in scale to their wealth, and people like to call them "cursed".For Cole Haan's 85th anniversary, she fronted the 'Born in 1928' campaign, alongside Maya Angelou, astronaut Jim Lovell, and photographer Elliott Erwitt.Speaking on her length career, she told The Cut: "I retired, but people keep calling, and I liked this campaign." Since her first modelling assignment for Vogue in 1976, Iman has rarely been out of work, making her one of the most prominent supermodels around.

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