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Guys who visit our page in Shanghai already ( will know, that we are the one who provide an (for China) unusual reliable service without any cheating, tricks and our visitors will know exactly what they have to pay and what they will get! Unfortunately we did not reach the high target we set up till now with our page here in Beijing, and if you should have had a different experience yet, please take our apology and believe, we work hard to change that, but the special situation in Beijing makes it "fucking hard" to find girls who understand the value of "reliability and honesty".So to make sure our visitors can enjoy a passionate and reliable service, we asked some of the top girls in Shanghai if they would be willing to move over to here.Neither the girls nor the description is related to the girl who show up later.We are a German owned page and believe in long term success, so if we confirm, that a picture and profile is real, we checked it - read how we do that - face to face or with videochat.You can see how it will work after some time on our page in Shanghai, where we follow this concept long time already (Shanghai Nightlife Guide).And feel free to search in the web do find independent reviews or posts, which will confirm, that we are the only reliable service page her for that actually.

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