Updating firmware on a gxp2020

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Also, the price, for what you get feature-wise, is pretty darn good.

The downsides, for me, are that I've been told by callers that my voice sounds "tinny" on the GXP-2020 (too much treble), the soft buttons don't really give much help in-call like the Cisco phones' soft buttons do, there's only 3 potential ring tones (no way to differentiate all 6 lines by ring), and the extra row of buttons under the 12 normal keypad buttons drives me insane when I go to dial a number quickly.

First you need to get hold of a Hub, connect your unit and a computer to this Hub.

Now, the computer can see all incoming and outgoing packets from the unit.

The firmware comes with a executable upgrade program, but for those of us on Linux finding the instructions to do the upgrade is painful.

updating firmware on a gxp2020-17

updating firmware on a gxp2020-10

Please fully test new versions prior to committing to a global network upgrade.

Enabling STUN support may also help on the newer firmwares.

A lot of users have complained about presence not working properly with Aastra phones.

- Move cursor to the empty space above the OK and CANCEL.

- Enter the MAC Address with alphabets and numbers.

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