Updating a field

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This option takes a list of one or more partitions or subpartitions (or both).

This change was not a simple schema update, so the automatic system didn't take care of it.

At the time of that change, Drupal Core was not attempting to provide updates for data model changes, but the contributed HEAD to HEAD module was.

Can anyone help me with the code for updating a table of stock symbols with a rate field (LSRate) - number/long - by using d LOOKUP on another database (DAILYPRICE)? DATE = "10/20/06"*****) ****IF THERE IS NO SYMBOL TO MATCH THIS SYMBOL... Daily Price is an extremely large table with 200,000 plus records.

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Close Set rst = Nothing Set db = Nothing Set qdf = Nothing End Sub I have an alphabetical listing of symbols and after 2 minutes it only got through the b's. If so, I am having trouble assigning it properly so that access recognizes it.

Omitting an option removes it from the drop-down field, which removes its values from any tickets or macros.

If your module is making a data model change related to entities and fields, and the automatic update process doesn't handle them, then you will need to write a hook_update_N() function that will update the sites for existing users of your module who already had it installed before you made the change, so that they can continue to function. Some notes on hook_update_N() functions: , the Taxonomy Reference field was removed, in place of using the more generic Entity Reference field.

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