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One of the main draws of the client is the easy-to-use chat interface which keeps all of the anti-surveillance protocols under the hood, removing the complexity often associated with setting up and using anonymizing services.Jabber (XMPP), IRC, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Twitter, Yahoo, and others are all supported through the beta client.June 28, 2012 FBI Seizes NAMBLA List During Search (or NOT! Anton Mussert, Leader of the Dutch Nazis Dutch paedophile club banned " A court in Assen has banned the paedophile association "Martijn". “Each of these accusers was very, very seriously injured and very concerned.” Where's the proof?) " Man/boy membership roster in hands of federal agents" One word in reply to this story: BULLSHIT! As a result the association has to disband immediately. JQAg KF9n V_Sandusky Guilty of Sexual Abuse of 10 Young Boys A guilty verdict was, of course, a forgone conclusion, as it always is. pagewanted=2&_r=1&pagewanted=all American Horror Story Maureen Dowd got the title right but for precisely the wrong reason.They are calling it OMEMO (OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption), and it’s a genius way to adapt Text Secure’s fantastic Axolotl protocol in a way that’s compatible with almost every existing XMPP server (anything that supports PEP).

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"This has traditionally been in a client-server model, meaning that your metadata (specifically the relationships between contacts) can be logged by the server. Child sex offenders turn violent, suicidal The headline serves to promote the view that "child sex offenders" are violent as well as suicidal.The truth is, they are just suicidal, with little evidence that they are ever violent.The Tor Project is a non-profit which runs the Tor network, a system of routes and servers designed to make online users more difficult to track online and disguise Internet activity, as well as access hidden areas of the Web hosted on websites. The client, now released to the general public, is based on Instantbird, a messaging app which allows users to connect to separate messenger systems.The Tor Project says Instantbird was chosen as its transport protocols are written in a "memory safe" language -- Javascript -- and already supports a number of languages, as well as the fact Instantbird is an XUL application.

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