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This collection of 45 printable social skills stories is now available to you for a short time at a reduced rate of just .95, normally these stories would generate a fee of for just two stories!

Learning about sexuality is an ongoing, life-long process that begins at the moment of birth.

Social Skills Central (You can subscribe for more resources) Free Samples: Being Polite, How to Give a Compliment, Peer Pressure, Listening during a Conversation, Everyone Loves A Compliment Waiting social story with lots of examples Talking Tom explains about saying "I'm Sorry" and the Cat Dancing "I'm Sorry" song Getting Rid of Frustration with Marvin the Mouse How to Lose at Games Without Getting Mad "I Get Angry" Song Hidden rules revealed #1 Picking your nose Hidden rules revealed #3 Making Eye Contact "When you are talking to somebody, just remember look toward their eyes" Song Saying "Hi" to friends People like it when I say "Hi" Song Social Skills: Accepting "No" Social Skills Training: Taking Turns Speaking Social Skills Training: Making friends in Middle School 3 tips to keep a conversation going Interrupting Appropriately: Interrupting Robot Interrupting Appropriately: Tips for Parents on Teaching Kids to Interrupt Appropriately Aspie Bunny Talks About Easter: How to deal with extra relatives in your house Reading Facial Cues: What is this person feeling?

Guessing Game Songs for Emotions: HAPPY (Pharrell Williams "Happy - Despicable Me Sing-Along version); SAD (Gary Jules "Mad World") Saying Goodbye song from Muppets Take Manhattan Waving: Polite bear waves hello, Kodiak bear waving, University high school class of 2010 waves goodbye How to Behave and Why by Munro Leaf (video of someone reading this book) Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf (Video of Someone reading this book) Finished/Pack Away Songs for Transitions: "We are Done" by Madden Brothers (official version, karaoke version), "Tidy Up Song" by Dave Moran, "Kids Clean Up Song" by ELF Kids Videos Hygiene: How Stuff Works Hygiene Slideshow (includes handwashing, face washing, showering, washing hair, shaving face or legs, and using deodorant) Catching the school bus (features American bus and no uniforms - If this is a problem, you can use it as a template and make your own story with photos or video) Catching the bus safety rules and Richard Scary's Play it Safe on the School Bus Song Crossing the Street: Richard Scary's Stop, Look and Listen Song Crossing the Street: Demonstration of Right and Wrong ways to Cross the Street (with University students demonstrating so okay for high school students) Wearing Seat Belts: Buckle Up Song How to brush your teeth, Ginger the cat talks about brushing teeth and taking a shower Self-help skills: How to Tie Your Shoes Relaxation: 4-7-8 Breathing Dealing with Anxiety Song: Clear the Fear (explains how thoughts contribute to anxiety) Silly songs about fears: Fear of Frogs (Can you make up a silly song to make fun of your own fear?

If it appears that your child is not ready to learn about human sexuality, don’t assume they are unable to understand its concepts.

The problem may lie elsewhere – with sensory and/or communication problems.

Click here for help finding “Camps and Recreation” programs near you.

Drama classes – Article: Special Needs Students Find Their Voices On Stage How to Order a Pizza Using a Script – pdf worksheet Martial Arts Classes Help Autistic Kids Gain Confidence, Strength – article Special Olympics – find your county chapter Suggestions for Teen Friendly Events – from One Place for Special Needs Summer Camp Resources (including overnight camps for diaabled adults) Where to find Limited Sensory Movies Young Life Capernaum Ministries – Christian social and recreational opportunity Resources for and about girls and women on the autism spectrum Resources Regarding Parents on the Spectrum and Their Children Sesame Street and Autism – see amazing in all children Special Playdate – playmate finder for ages 1-25 years Sit with Us – App designed by teenager Natalie Hampton to help kids find people to sit with at lunch Successful, Well-Known Adults on the Spectrum “Temple Grandin” – movie about Temple Grandin’s life and struggles with social skills Temple Grandin responds to questions from individuals on the spectrum Video Game Resources – including “addiction” solutions and information about employment What I Wish I Could Tell People about my Experience on the Spectrum – article by Emily Klein What Youth Need to Know if they are Questioned by Police – from PACER Center Don’t forget about other summer recreation opportunities like sports programs, art classes, etc.For an overview of social stories, please see "Introduction to Social Stories".Social Stories are not just for younger students; they can be useful for all ages, including teenagers.Jed Baker Social Skills Workbook – a tool for children affected by autism, .97, Jennifer Lingle Social Stories (Carol Gray) and social narratives (HANDS in Autism, Indiana Resource Center for Autism, and other sites) Social Thinking – Michelle Garcia Winner’s site Touch Autism (Free Social Stories Creator and Library app) The Transporters – DVD’s by Simon Baron Cohen to help children aged 4-8 recognize emotions The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships – book by Dr.Temple Grandin and Sean Barron, two adults with Asperger Syndrome Making Friends/Being Social 10 year-old Boy With Autism Gives Speech to School – about his challenges, by Huff Post Canada Studios 7 Tips to Know if You’re Boring Someone – from Gretchen Rubin Best Buddies Indiana – directed friendship at certain schools Big Brothers Big Sisters Indiana Teens with Aspergers – Facebook page No More Victims: Protecting Those with Autism from Cyber Bullying, Internet Predators, and Scams – book by Jed Baker Online Support/Communities for Families and Individuals with Autism Pets May Boost Social Skills in Kids with Autism – article by Disability Scoop The Planner Guide – Software/app with schedule, checklists, calendar, reference guides for independence, organization, social understanding, and more Puberty and Sexuality Resources Recreation 4-H: for youth development and empowerment, projects can be done in special interest area to start!

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