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Its release follows an interview in Recognising the need for a more joined-up approach the SIG authors – led by Tim Podesta and Geoff Newton and an authoring group of professionals with diverse backgrounds in project and programme assurance – have pooled their expertise.“The lack of a definitive framework and the resulting variation of approach reduces the confidence in assurance planning, management and outputs, increases the risk of duplication or material gaps, creates potential misunderstandings over common terminology and limits comparison of assurance outputs for projects, programmes and portfolios,” .

Both help to put the toolkit resource into context and are recommended reading for project professionals, including independent assessors, involved with assurance work.

Work on the toolkit began five years ago, when a white paper on the concept was presented to the SIG community at the Knowledgeshare 2011 event.

The goal was to share best practice in the use of measures which can deliver effective assurance.

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The device has now made the customary stop at the Bluetooth SIG which is usually a big hint that the release is just around the corner.

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