Shyness and dating tips

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Relaxing in Social Situations Projecting a Positive Image Building Confidence Community Q&A Most adolescents go through some periods of shyness.

In many cases, this may interfere with your dating life, making you feel insecure.

For some reason, you get nervous and feel weird or uncomfortable making eye contact with people, as if you’re looking into the other person’s soul, or they will see into your soul.

Maybe you get this sudden urge to turn away and look anywhere but at their eyes. In this article I’ll answer this question, and I’ll also give you some tips about exactly how often and how long you should look someone in the eyes for it to seem “normal.” I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying, “ effectiveness has nothing do do with words.

If shyness has kept you from meeting someone special, read the following steps to see how you can overcome it.

a web site dedicated to helping people overcome shyness through education.

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Of all of these, arguably the most important is eye contact. Because we form connections with people through eye contact.

It's more about forgetting yourself and focusing outward. If you are at a party with strangers, try to connect how everyone knows each other.

You can ask questions such as: "How do you know Kathy?

On this site, we will explore the origins of shyness, treatment alternatives and resources available to help.

But most importantly, you will see that shyness does not have to rule your life. Barbara Walters, Johnny Carson, Henry Fonda, Former President and Mrs.

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