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Yachts as large as forty-two (42) feet in length often join the flotillas which regularly cruise here.The Town of Pollocksville has installed a new boat ramp (photo on right) and a small picnic area in the vicinity making it more accessible for those who trailer their boats.

For the most part both banks of the river are heavily wooded with some marsh areas providing a sanctuary for all types of birds and wildlife.Documents recorded on or after July 1, 2002, must meet GS 161-14(b) as follows: If a document presented for recording does not meet all of the requirements, the register shall first collect the new .00 fee for filing a "nonstandard document." After this fee has been collected, the register may then record the document and collect the applicable recording fees.Thus, where an instrument does not comply with the new recording standards, the register will collect two (2) fees: one for being out of compliance and another for the actual recording.The mission of the Jones County Register of Deeds is to record and maintain births, deaths, marriages, service discharges, notaries, assumed names, articles of incorporations, maps, and real estate transactions.We are governed by three state agencies: the Legislature, the Secretary of State, and the Bureau of Vital Statistics. We assist surveyors, realtors, ministers, lawyers, genealogists, funeral homes, and the general public.

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