Sedating cats on airplanes Interracial chat sites

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So what can you do to keep your pet quiet during the flight?

The first thing to consider is that, under no circumstances, can you remove your pet from its carrier during the flight.

While those numbers may be a small percentage of the total animals transported, the statistics won't be any comfort to you if your pet dies or disappears.

To fly in the cabin, your dog or cat must be small enough to fit in a carrier placed under the seat in front of you. Larger animals must fly as "accompanied" (checked) luggage or as cargo without you.

That's because transporting animals in the cargo hold is difficult on the animal and sometimes deadly.Keep your voice low and close to your pet while assuring it that everything will be ok.Lots of “good girls” and “good boys” are certainly a welcome sound for a nervous pet.A skittish feline on a long car or airplane ride can make your travels more stressful during and after arrival.The ASPCA recommends sticking to your cat's routine while traveling — from feeding schedules to bathroom breaks or playtime. Ask about diseases prevalent there, vaccination requirements (especially overseas), what weather is like and if any of these things will affect your cat.

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