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You’ll find Christian Cafe dating reviews, information about membership plans, free trial memberships, discounts, tips, reviews and testimonials.

Christian Cafe Dating is a Christian-owned-and- operated website, and our goal is to provide you with accurate, true, up-to-date information and to keep you informed.

If you are interested, you need to have six months of sobriety and a desire for a challenge in life. Please see the Life Ring Privacy Policy for how we use your information.

Starting a new meeting is not easy, but it can be a rewarding experience, both for yourself and others.

So, not only are my atheist friends not to blame for the substitution of X for Christ, we actually find that it’s a tradition dating all the way back to the New Testament itself?

It might be time to insert a quick apology into some of our Christmas cards.

Our approach is based on developing, refining, and sharing our own personal strategies for continued abstinence and crafting a rewarding life in recovery.

In short, we are sober, secular, and self-directed. Life Ring offers meetings in the United States, Canada, and other selected countries of the world. If you can’t find a meeting close to you, Life Ring has a vibrant online community with online meetings, email lists, Ning, Delphi Forum, and e Pals – a service for one-to-one communication by email or personal letter. If you’re looking to get clean and sober or just thinking about it, reading is a good way to learn about recovery.

If you’re thinking about dating on Christian Cafe, you”ll find everything you need to know right here on Christian Cafe Dating These books are available at the Life Ring Bookstore.Looking for a way to help yourself and your community? We are always looking for motivated people to start new Life Ring meetings.The New Testament is written in Koine Greek, and the Greek word for Christ is… Instead of always writing the full name Χριστος, we see in early Christian history a trend to abbreviate Χριστος as simply Χ.As Greg Carey, Professor of the New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary writes:“Early manuscripts of the Greek New Testament dating to the third and fourth centuries used “X” as an abbreviation for Christ…The abbreviation helped manuscript writers fit more words on a page, reducing the time and cost of producing the texts…”Ouch.

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