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Crustaceans, fish and worms are the main staple of a Beluga’s diet.

Belugas are able to change the shape of their forehead, and have a flexible neck which allows them to turn their head, a trait that almost all other whales lack.

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Polar bears, also called sea bears or ice bears, are found throughout the Arctic; mainly in Canada, Norway, Alaska, Greenland and Russia.A long neck allows them to reach through ice and into the water while hunting.Keep an eye out for distinctive characteristics on bear featured on the live polar bear cam.They are sometimes labeled the “Canary of the Sea” because of their tendency to be very vocal and their ability to mimic other sounds. Found mainly in coastal waters in the Arctic Ocean, Belugas are also known to swim in estuaries and up rivers.In the winter, when sea ice begins to form, pods of Belugas will migrate south to warm water.

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