Parvati vaze and gaurav bajaj dating

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Then someone told us that there was this little, freaky village up in the mountains, where they might still have some mushrooms as they don't touch or talk to anybody who isn't from there.The first time I went there, I thought of this as some mountain variety of the caste system, where literally everyone who isn't from your neck of the woods is untouchable.At the wedding she sees Daksh again and neither are happy meeting each other.

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Years after her father's death, Naina is told the truth, which leads her to leave her family home and, after a brief interlude, begin a new life in Bombay as a wedding planner.

Catch the Maha Episode this Sunday, 15th May on Star Plus.. i knew this wouldmy poor daksh :( god knws whether he will ever confess his love for naina after seeing thiswaiting for maha episodebt why is'nt the promo out ???

I'm sure I read somewhere that Abhi's character is like that of Akshay Kumar in Mujhse shaadi karoge, so he is probably just faking feelings for Naina so Daksh finally admits his feelings to her.

On her journey to Mumbai she meets the main protagonist Daksh Patwardhan on a train.

She was sitting in Daksh's seat as she did not have a ticket; she makes up an excuse to the ticket conductor by saying that Daksh is her husband.

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