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Heart Sine's Pad-Pak Adult electrode and battery cartridge Part # PAD-PAK-07, designed for samaritan PAD 300P AEDs, now carries the Federal Aviation Administration's TSO-C142a certification, so it's qualified for use on commercial aircraft.Heart Sine's Pad-Pak Adult electrode and battery cartridge Part # PAD-PAK-0 are designed for Adult Patients 8 years; 55 lbs or 25 kg .Heart Sine has taken an innovative approach to maintenance items by incorporating the AED electrodes and batteries into one single-use cartridge called the Pad-Pak™.The advantage to the Pad-Pak is that there is only one date to monitor and only one item to replace upon expiration or after use.The Pad-Pak is suitable for use on adults and children.For children younger than eight years or weighing less than 25 kg/55 lbs, Heart Sine offers the Pediatric-Pak The Heart Sine PAD’s built-in intelligence and unique Pediatric Pad-Pak ensure the appropriate energy level is delivered for children.

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As a workout, Karate is different from any other exercise.AED Training App Accessories This category lists all of the accessories available for the Less Stress Instructional Services AED and Monitor training applications for Windows 7, Android, and IOS (IPhone/IPad).Cool Stuff for Clinicians This section has useful odds-and-ends for healthcare and EMS professionals such as rescue breathing shields, Trauma Shears, stethoscopes, and other useful personal items you might when providing patient care.An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart lunch recipe app.Prepd Pack redefines the whole experience of taking lunch, from planning and preparing, to tracking the nutritional value of your lunches.

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