Oprah dating advice for women

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Oprah and Tina have been friends for years, with Oprah attending the singer’s wedding back in July.

But the talk show queen says she has come to the conclusion that such a union is just not for her.

She’s a shining example of what people could have if they were honest about what they wanted and didn’t want, and if they valued relationships over institutions.

Marriage as life’s ultimate goal or the only measure of a successful personal life has been beaten into our brains since before we could form complete sentences (thanks, Hollywood).

Oprah’s decision not to marry her long-term partner Stedman Graham (which caused a stir when she told Access Hollywood recently) is one of the most admirable decisions and powerful statements she’s ever made.

And also the smartest, as far as her relationship is concerned.

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And the romantic affair made Oprah wonder if she and partner Stedman Graham should tie the knot.

As long as you realize that she is doing that then you will always hold the upper hand.

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But she did agree to post the query on her website's message board and offered to send them a copy of her book.

As the email responses started coming in to Fleisher, she forwarded them to the show's producers.

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