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New General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that talk of Steve Burton returning as Stone Cold Jason Morgan might have merit.

Billy Miller’s contract at ABC is rumored to expire this month with no confirmation that he’s signed an extension.

The directors had a very different way of working with me.

Theirs was more about making sure I was comfortable and that I felt safe and secure enough.

Brienne’s dad Gary a Purdue university graduate is the owner of Pedigo Chevrolet, championship Indy Car team Panther Racing and Pedigo Holdings Inc.

Tyler and Brienne Pedigo or Brienne Baker met on a blind date in September, 2006, they announced their engagement a month later.Tyler, as well, because it was just as difficult for him to do this.They were really respectful in telling me what kind of shot they were going to do, that they were only going to film me from chest up, or from this particular point down, or whatever it was. I was so young, so I really needed them to help me in that way. The blocking was very specific: “After this point, this is going to happen and then we’re going to move here.” I knew what was going to happen, and Tyler knew exactly what he had to do.This would not be surprising since there have been other contract issues this year most notably with Liz Webber portrayer Rebecca Herbst and then again with Franco portrayer Roger Howarth, although the network denied Howarth was in contract talks at the time.Other General Hospital spoilers for coming days tease that Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) will come upon something horrifying – is it the seemingly lifeless body of her big brother Nikolas but with his old face back as it should be?

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