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Giving birth to hotspot volcanoes: Distribution and composition of young seamounts from the seafloor near Tahiti and Pitcairn islands; senior author: C.

, Marc was one half of the electro-R&B duo denitia and sene.

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Data Repository items are published exactly as the author provided them to the journal; they are not formatted or edited. Initiation of Northern Hemisphere glaciation and strengthening of the northeast Indian monsoon: Ocean Drilling Program Site 758, eastern equatorial Indian Ocean; senior author: Anil K. For further information about any Data Repository item, please contact the author.2003004: Geology, 2003, Vol. Evidence for a Neoproterozoic ocean in south-central Africa from mid-ocean ridge-type geochemical signatures and pressure-temperature estimates of Zambian eclogites; senior author: Timm John.2003032: GSA Bulletin, 2003, Vol. Andy (USA) Report N8 (added on May, 10, 2010) She contact me when I was on russian euro stating she was living in the USA but actually lived in Ghana with her mum. I send her money for a passport (have copy) booked myself a flight and on her way to the airport she was in a car accident.the next day a so called doctor Desmond called me that my wife was unconcious with a spine fracture.

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