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Seriously, how could we not love him with all of his boyish charm?

However, this Teen Nick cutie has been taken quite a few different times.

Two new tracks, "Weekend Millionaires" and "Nobody Like You" were released on the streaming platform Sound Cloud in 2015.

Sensors recorded her movements so they could control the movements of the animated Mattel's Barbie figure.

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She was Honor Society's opening act on their June–July 2011 "Wherever You Are" tour.New Mexico, nd north dakota, Michigan , mn minnesota, id idaho, TX TEXAS, IA IOWA, ny new york, NH NEW HAMPSHIRE, Utah , NE NEBRASKA, al alabama, wy wyoming. DILLIN, NUTHALL, HARTUNG, BRACKET, LANMAN, ASTRUP, HULM, Kathy Orgill X.UT UTAH, South Dakota , FL FLORIDA Visit Virus Distribution and Prevention Sites - Protect Yourself! BUONADONNA, THORNDYKE, GRASSIE, MASAM, SNORDEN, SIVAL, EPPERLY, GOLDIN, Y.Did I mention that she’s a singer/songwriter, actress, and a model? Katelyn has 163,385 monthly listeners on Spotify and 833,088 likes on Facebook and the numbers seem to be rising by the month.Katelyn was born in Glennville, Georgia and was drawn to Los Angeles for the star potential.

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