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Follow these gorgeous men on Instagram for an instant steamy fix.As much as we love checking out the selfies of our besties, we’re always up for a little eye candy interlude.Get your “follow” fingers ready, we’ve rounded up a whole gaggle of some of the hottest guys on Instagram for your visual pleasure.Anybody who’s done a bit of research on attracting hot women knows about the importance of being an alpha male. He’s the top-dog who tells all the others what to do.

“The gender-switched male may even like the feeling of power and control over other males that goes along with this switch.” (Somewhat relatedly, Suler suggests that being a female in certain online games “may be advantageous.”) For some, posing as a woman online is a form of detective work,” he says.

I didn’t know whether it would be better to go for a simple greeting or an attention-grabbing joke.

So I did the only logical thing – I made a list and set out on a Friday night to try them, with only a friend and a vodka and soda for support. 1) I approach Matt, a guy with dirty-blonde hair in a parka standing by a jukebox.

Well, this wouldn’t all fit in a single article, but to keep it simple, I’ve got two words for you: Stability & Excitement.

Breaking: Sometimes men pretend to be women online! ” psychologist John Suler lays out a handful of theories.

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