Guardian online dating soulmates

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As with all the best brands, the guardian has a self-selecting community on its soulmates service. The problem for your non-socialist high-brow single is that, at first glance, there are not many other well developed broadsheet dating services out there.

This is to some extent true as while both the Times and Telegraph has dating offers, neither of them are anything like as well-known or popular as Soulmates.

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Sounds easy but how do you end your subscription anyway?

Lovestruck is pitched directly at young professionals and encourages them to go on dates around their places of work.

Following on from the several big recent hacking scandals where million of users’ personal details have been compromised, Guardian Soulmates – a dating service provided by The Guardian newspaper – are the latest victim of a cyber-hack.

Guardian Soulmates UK Guardian Soulmates UK is another popular online dating site. So what makes it different from other online dating sites?

After all, it is the dating service of The Guardian broadsheet which is also very popular in its own right.

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