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I’m hoping to become super-aggressive in making payments beginning in August. **This review does contain mild spoilers, but those spoilers will not ruin the reader’s enjoyment of ths book** This was my book club’s pick for last month.I must admit I have used my credit card in the past month or two to buy some local event tickets – but only because Pay Pal was not an option. I didn’t get a chance to read it but still went to the discussion event.You were, more specifically, watching the #Boss Wedding2013 feed. They're incredibly talented and I can dance like them in my dreams. Travis didn't "show up in a veil" as the post indicates. Am I a creepster for knowing a ton about dancers I don't actually know? The veil was part of his reception entrance as part of the bridal party. The wedding party included no less than 8 SYTYCD alums: Allison & t Witch (obviously), Courtney Galiano, Comfort Fedoke, Travis Wall, Will Wingfield, Kathryn Mc Cormick, Joshua Allen. Other SYTYCD alums that attended as guests: Melanie Moore, Channing Cooke, Ivan Koumaev, Tony Bellissimo, Dominic "Dtrix" Sandoval, Chelsie Hightower (also DWTS), Gev Manoukian, Dmitry Chaplin, Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer, Nick Lazzarini, Randi Strong (her last name was Evans when she was on the show), Noelle Marsh, Robert Roldan, Ade Obayomi, Lauren Froderman, Alexa Anderson, Caitlin Kinney...

Once again, their chemistry and connection transcended all else. Courtney and Gev I don't know what it is about these two that I love so much -- maybe it's that Courtney reminds me uncannily of 's Rachel Bilson; maybe it's Gev's adorable crush; maybe it's the fact that they seem really genuinely connected to each other. Her dress was so striking it only highlighted the beauty of her dancing. Kourtni and Matt danced it well, and I actually saw some personality in Matt for the first time, but I just wasn't buying what she is selling. Kherington and Twitch As I said above, when Napoleon and Tabitha add some lyrical to their hip-hop, it's genius (think Joshua and Katee's week one "No Air"), but their straight-up hip-hop is pretty uninspiring. Jessica and Will Will was adorable right from the get-go, and Jessica held her own for about 60% of the dance, but when it comes down to it, this dance was a big hot mess.

In short, the SYTYCD kids did everything from the quick-step to samba, from contemporary to even popping and locking.

Each of the 10 finalists (that's Sabra, Danny Tidwell, Neil Haskell, Lacey, Pasha Kovalev, Lauren Gottlieb, Dominic Sandoval, Sara Von Gillern, Kameron Bink and Jaimie Goowin) did a solo throughout the night, each teamed up for couples routines, and there were even several dances that included all 10 together.

Kherington Payne and Twitch (Hip Hop) – Props to Kherington who did a GREAT job. This day is speeding by and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished.

If you're a dancer, you know Allison Holker and you know t Witch.

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