Funny questions for online dating

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In fact, learning about someone new in an intimate way can be wonderfully exciting and fun, especially when a little bit of humor is throw into the mix.

The following are some questions that you can toss into the conversation, in a light-hearted and joking way, that can serve to break the ice and help both of you realize that you don't have to take this "dating game" so seriously. Now, you should never ask your date if they've ever been arrested at the very start of the date.

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First dates can be nerve-wracking to say the least and awkward silences only make it worse. An answer to this question will give you an insight to his goals and dreams. People tend to favor things that closely relate to them, so a person’s favorite animal can actually say a lot about their personality. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

After the initial introductory emails, when communication gets a little more relaxed, I tend to end messages with a list of questions (and then I judge their responses).

Consider doing the same: Allows me to figure out, if we ever dated to the point of sleepovers, whether she'd want to get up and go jogging at 9 A. I could write an answer to this question that would last pages and pages.

You are hoping to find a decent match with your own life goals and dreams.

But this process of "interviewing" someone doesn't have to be a nightmare.

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