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It just really freaks you out.'It was like the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria - we are lucky that this is the closest we are going to get to chemical burns like those people suffered.'She added that she and her sister admitted themselves to hospital after waiting 'too long' for paramedics to arrive at the club.She said: 'The ambulance was taking too long and we just wanted to go home to try and sleep as we were in shock.'The sisters grew up in Australia, with nanny and part-time model Prue moving to London seven months ago.With a single download, you too can know everything you could ever want about your children. No more house parties whilst parents are at a spa weekend. Leading the charge against elusive teenagers is a mum from Texas, who got so frustrated by her son’s failure to answer her phone calls that she created an app that will shut down his phone if he doesn’t respond.No more underage clubbing for children who tell say they’re at a friend’s sleepover. After shutting down the phone, the “Ignore No More” app will only allow the user to call a list of pre-selected numbers to obtain the code that will re-activate it.SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5 / KBCW NIGHTBEAT) – San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood is undergoing a transition.

Mums have put their minds to the problem of teenage rebellion and possible vulnerability, and have finally found an answer in surveillance apps.

Drugs, robbery and even homicides have plagued this area for years.

But it’s also in the heart of Mid-Market; an area the city is spending millions of taxpayer dollars drawing in tech companies in a desperate attempt to revitalize the area.

Djimon Hounsou is wasted on this film, but does fairly well at being the token real actor, giving it some tenuous legitimacy.

On the upside, probably a more believable martial arts instructor than Pat Morita... It's a great movie to just turn off your brain to, and watch lots of girls in bikinis and guys beating each other up.

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