Employment and support allowance backdating

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My doctor provided me with a medical note from March (the date I'm claiming from) and I told the lady on the phone this she said thats absolutely fine.As my claim has been awarded does that mean that the back payment has been accepted?

The law only appears to provide for the payment of ESA pending an appeal (but not pending a MR) of a decision that a claimant does not have limited capability for work.1 The government has recently confirmed, however, that once a claimant has appealed, ESA can be backdated to cover the full period of the MR.2 It is, therefore, in a claimant’s interest that the MR is carried out as quickly as possible to enable ESA to be reinstated and any arrears paid, either as a result of a favourable MR, or the lodging of an appeal following an unfavourable MR.Until recently, the effect on claimants of delays in the determination of appeals was mitigated by the provision for payment of ESA (albeit at the ‘assessment phase’ rate) while an appeal is pending against most limited capability for work decisions.The introduction of the requirement for ‘mandatory reconsideration’ (MR) prior to the acquisition of the right of appeal from 28 October 2013 means that claimants face the prospect of being paid no benefit until the MR has been completed, as there appears to be no provision for payment of ESA until an actual appeal has been submitted.In order to get the full amount of ESA and to continue to receive it, you will usually have to attend interviews to discuss work and training options.Some people with very severe disabilities (for example, people who are terminally ill) can get ESA without meeting this condition.

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