Downtown dating

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The area takes its name from the “Four Georgians,” the miners that discovered the gold.

Helena was their “Last Chance” to discover gold before heading home.

Downtown Helena is a treasure of events, shopping, dining, lodging, services, and entertainment, offering unique experiences for everyone.

Helena was born when gold was discovered in Last Chance Gulch on July 14, 1864.

VH1 will go to great lengths (or a 30 minute drive to Downtown Los Angeles) to spread the word of its risque upcoming series, “Dating Naked.” Under the guise that today is considered National Nude Day, VH1 unleashed a nude flash mob on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. (Props to the editors who had the job of blurring the moving targets.) See video: VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ Series Gives New Meaning to ‘Just Hanging Out’ “Dating Naked,” which premieres Thursday, July 17 at 9/8c, features a man and woman and two different naked dates each.

In the end, they’ll choose one to move forward on their dating adventure — possibly with clothes.

Also read: 5 Ways to Prepare for Being on Discovery’s ‘Naked and Afraid’ Hosted by Amy Paffrath, the series’ first season will consist of 10 one-hour episodes.

It is located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area or Valley of the Sun.

Would you like your coffee with milk, sugar — or a romantic relationship?

That’s just one question you might find yourself answering if you visit the Matchmaker Café at 75 Wall St.

The network’s proposed deeper idea behind the series is to see what will happen once you literally strip someone of all the things that externally define you or distract you.

“[The nudity] was really a storytelling device that was about something — the search for true love and what happens when you throw away your inhibitions,” VH1’s executive vice president of original programming and production, Susan Levison, told The Wrap previously.

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