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"We responded to complaints by moving the newly chubby members back to the rating stage.

This is the same as having them re-apply," Greg Hodge, managing director of Beautiful, said in a statement.

And apparently, enough beautiful people were angry that some members had enjoyed a bit too many treats during the holiday season.

So Beautiful sent those flagged members e-mails, according to the company statement, telling them they could register again for the site when the extra pudge was gone.

The site's next move gives the plain, frumpy and fugly a chance to produce kids who actually have a chance of getting into night clubs.

You read that right: they're the slinging sperm () and hawking the eggs of the conventionally beautiful to both the beautiful and the commonplace. What happens if the next generation of people is more attractive that ours?

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I've switched over to We Just now and that is looking more promising already. First time I uploaded a recent pic that on the barometer was given a rating of around 98%. A few months later I was single again so rejoined, uploaded the same pic as previously and was voted "out" rating was like 20%. I would say most people are average to slightly above average looking.

(CNN) -- A dating site that markets itself as an elite community for beautiful people with a "strict ban on ugly people" has axed about 5,000 members for packing on the pounds during the holiday season.

The international site Beautiful threw out members after they posted photos "revealing that they have let themselves go," according to a company statement.

I did get a chuckle at one Fat site, if you scroll down to the bottom there was an ad to sign up and get paid to lose weight. J sites for big beautiful men and women (BBW & BHM)…

I did a quick search for fat people dating and sure enough there are sites out there.

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