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RBC channel broadcasts 24/7, offering a useful combination of analytical and news blocks.

RBC boasts cutting-edge studio complex and digital equipment with unique technological capabilities.

RBC is a leading Russian business media holding with presence on all key content platforms: the Internet, TV and printed publications.

In addition to media projects the company holds business events on a regular basis: industry conferences, business regattas, and awards.

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Apart from the latest news, such sections of the portal as RBC Personal Finance (ru), RBC Sport (ru), RBC Real estate (ru), RBC Lifestyle (ru), etc. Furthermore, RBC’s online resources such as automobile news website high technology website in demand by the business audience. RBC is Russia’s only business TV channel focusing on the coverage of economic and financial events in Russia and worldwide, featuring relevant commentary, important interviews and insightful analysis from both Russian and foreign experts, live stand-up reports, topical programs and reviews of particular industries, as well as materials from international news agencies.

Another major business focus of RBC is domain name registration and hosting that open up extensive opportunities to conducting business over the Internet.

RBC’s mission has remained unchanged for over 20 years since the company’s inception: we are seeking to provide our audience with up-to-date business information and services, as well as convenient platforms for exchanging knowledge and sharing experience, and by doing so we help make decisions about career and business.

The presented materials illustrate development of Roerich's idea about the preservation of human cultural values, embodied in Roerich's Pact (signed in Washington in 1935).

Also on display are Roerich's early works: a sketch to the fresco Kievan Bogatyrs Evening (1896), a study entitled The Ferns (1890-s); the painters autographs, personal belongings and furniture.

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