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By understanding what is involved in living with a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, you can be better prepared to assist with recovery and offer support to decrease the chance of relapse.

If you've lived with a drug addict or alcoholic, you know that addiction doesn't just affect the addict - it affects friends and family as well. Because recovery is a lifelong process, your loved one won't be "cured" once he or she comes back from treatment.

Though addiction is extremely common (40 million Americans suffer from it, making it more common than heart disease, diabetes, or cancer) the path to recovery can be even more emotionally wrought than with other illnesses — perhaps because residual societal stigma of addiction keeps us from empathizing in the same way that we do for Alzheimer's or cancer patients.

Or, maybe it’s just easy to stay pissed at the person who lied to you.

Within a week I started feeling better I have taken kratom for the last 7 months.

Sober & Single is the Internet's only true website dedicated 100% to helping alcohol and drug-free singles to find their true special someone!

We cater solely to that constantly growing niche group of singles who would like to look for a sober companion!

I am able to function and my husband isn’t worried that I might OD.

I can go places, I can watch my granddaughters which I couldn’t do when on all of those meds. It hasn’t cured my Fibromyalgia but makes it manageable.

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