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Nonetheless, it is important to observe that the authors, despite their relatively good access to sources concerning the synod, still wrote at a distance, and the accounts, especially the quotations attributed to the participants, are more likely to be summaries of how Bede and Stephen understood the issue rather than something like true quotations.Further, the motivations of the authors influenced how they presented the material.Most geologists think Jet is the fossilised remains of a tree, similar to the monkey puzzle tree, while others think it is a mineral deposit like turquoise or a by-product of coal formations.Whatever its original origins, jet has been mined and used since the Bronze Age of man through the Victorian era and beyond.For example, Bede knew Acca of Hexham, and dedicated many of his theological works to him.

At the sight of an old railway station excavation in York, a coffin, found to hold the remains for a Roman woman, revealed her hair held back by pins made from jet.Visit the magical SEA LIFE & Marine Sanctuary in Scarborough, enjoy close encounters with sharks and seahorses! Holidays offers lots of information on magical Whitby, visit their site... One of the things they offer is a mobility equipment hire scheme for residents and visitors to Whitby.Both accounts basically agree, though Bede gives a much lengthier discourse on the debate.The description of the proceedings, where King Oswiu presides and rules but does not engage in the ecclesiastics' debate himself, parallels examples of other synods in other sources, such as one in the Vita Sancti Bonifati by Willibald (where King Ine of Wessex performed the same function as Oswiu).

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