Are m ward and zooey deschanel dating

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The Beatles have such an incredible vocabulary of guitar styles that it was a good education.”“I wouldn't want to cover a Hank Williams song in a country-western way.

It doesn't occur to me instinctually to re-create productions.

The music of Portland, Ore., singer-songwriter (and Zooey Deschanel collaborator) M.

Ward is as tranquil as a small, Pacific Northwest town.

Featuring Jenny Lewis on vocals with Deschanel, the video stars the MOST adorable pugs on the planet.

Sometimes it's as insignificant as a friend of yours saying something, a turn of phrase.

Other times it's like an epiphany moment or just something beautiful that you see.”“I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert. Whereas when I was younger, I think I felt there was something wrong about not entering the room and immediately being the life of the party.”“For some reason, I made a point to learn every song from A to Z in the Beatles catalog when I was in high school. That was my education to chord progressions and right-hand technique.

"Sometimes I'd be working, I'd do it in my trailer.

I'd always have various instruments I would bring places.

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