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The question used to be whether you were more willing to give up food or sex, but now, something has upstaged nourishment in our hierarchy of needs. The survey, which included 355 Americans over the age of 18, asked a total of 28 questions, including three that required participants to self-report their average levels of anxiety, happiness, and connection to friends and family on a scale of one to five.

According to the Digital Habits Survey 2016 conducted by mobile app maker Delvv, more than 29 percent of Americans would rather give up sex for three months than give up their smartphone for one week. The goal of the study, Delvv said, was to explore the “digital norms, expectations, and habits that influence smartphone use.” And unsurprisingly, many of the survey results seemed to be divided along generational lines.

Overall, 11 of the 19 are considered morally acceptable by more than half of Americans.

Ninety percent of Americans believe birth control is morally acceptable, putting it into the "highly acceptable" category, which has little moral opposition -- the only such issue among the 19.

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