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The resultant high mortality rates and unnatural behaviours may confound experimental findings.

The high mortality rate also discourages the use of periods of acclimation to experimental conditions and precludes vital long-term studies.

Though I barely made it on the volley team my eigth grade year (sports were never really my thing) I've always been book smart.

Unmated reproductive males exhibited more test probes but fewer ingestion probes (1 min) compared with prereproductive and mated males.

We compared times allocated to feeding and trivial movement between male and female adult L.

hesperus of different reproductive states: prereproductive, reproductive and mated, and reproductive and unmated.

When the shaft has absorbed the proper amount of carbon, it is removed from the furnace and quenched (cooled in oil) to the proper temper.

A cam follower made from high quality iron alloy that is heat treated by pouring the molten iron into a mold with a chilled steel plate at the bottom to heat treat the face of the lifter.

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