Ads for dating are already

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IAC's bought OKCupid last month for million in a deal that put a nail in the coffin of the aging online dating industry. So dating sites grow the only way they can by paying to acquire you, so you can pay them (a subscription! Match seems to have figured that out, as recent efforts to grow have ignored the social graph altogether in favor of dating-site acquisitions and deals with other publishers.Match, recall, is the industry heavyweight: It's been online longer than I have -- since 1995; it's the biggest online dating site (along with Adult Friend Finder); and it makes a lot of money. Instead of connecting with people you know, you set up a username to mask your identity, hope no one you know sees you, and spend the whole time filtering. ) to spend your time avoiding people you don't know, hoping to find your match. Last year it "became the exclusive online dating service on Yahoo" and saw an 8% bump in organic subscribers in the second quarter; a nifty integration with Glamour to sign up more ladies, featuring some cursive font, hearts and yes, usernames.

Businesses are beginning to see the potential of dating services.

Several are being used to advertize fashion and luxury brands, such as JW Anderson, which launched a collection using Grindr in January.

"Grindr has something like 7 million active users at any one time, so you're looking at quite a significant consumer platform in terms of engagement," explains Jonathan Openshaw, editor at The Future Laboratory, in an email to CNBC.

The headlines are non-demanding, and some copywriting skill has clearly gone into the brief descriptions below each picture.

Although users are asked to play, the marketing is clearly non-aggressive.

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