Adhd advice dating

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Some might have a hard time with emotional regulation, becoming excited, frustrated or angry easily. Despite the potential problems, many people have found that relationships where one partner has ADHD can be successful and happy.

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One of the biggest challenges in relationships is when a partner misinterprets ADHD symptoms.

*While ADHD can ruin relationships, the good news is that both partners are not powerless.

There are steps you can take to significantly improve your relationship.

I actively struggle to pay attention on a first date.

You don’t know me yet, so when I inevitably get distracted by my favorite Sia song in the background or how the appetizer menu is written in Comic Sans, you’ll probably think I’m just an asshole who finds your favorite childhood memory to be a total snoozefest. I might not remember all the details from the first time you told me something.

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